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 9,00 GBP

Café de Paris

3-4 Coventry St · Londres

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ask for Eleni's meet-up at the door and come to table 50, at the Mezzanine - VIP area

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Experience a new era in London’s nightlife with the CABARET SHOW at Cafe de Paris.

LINK FOR YOUR TICKET: £7 early bird tickets, £9 standard tickets, £12 last minute tickets

Tickets may be limited so booking in advance is highly recommended.

This new late-night bar and restaurant will not just re-invent what it means to go out, it will re-invigorate it. Because no one should settle for anything less than spectacular!

The Cabaret Show at Café de Paris is like no other in London. Your fabulous host, armed with razor-sharp wit and a knowing smile, expertly guides you through a night of jaw dropping circus, burlesque and entertainment. From our dance troupe the “54ers” to our acrobatic “busboys”, the evening is packed with some of the world’s best entertainers. As the performers electrify the Café de Paris stage, they will recreate the hedonistic nightclub where outcasts, famous faces and wonderful weirdos all mixed together as one, to the soundtrack of the best thumping disco hits.

Event format :

19:00 - 22:00 Arrive for a glam and glitter social in this spectacular venue in Leicester square. Enjoy a FREE SHOT and generous portions of NACHOS, in our VIP area, at the Mezzanine, entry level floor, where we will be based this evening.

The CLOAKROOM is FREE of charge for us, so leave your coat before you reach our area!

Clue of the night! We have a spot with the best view in the venue! Have your cameras ready!

HAPPY HOUR TILL 20:00! £10 Cocktails, £35 Prosecco, £60 Tattinger

20:15 The first show starts! You don’t wanna miss that!

Feel at ease to arrive by yourself as most guests do. The event is fully hosted and everyone is included at all times (we must be the friendliest group in London, rumours say!!!)

21:00 - 03:00 The party gets started, with entertainers, performers, glitter and glam, all night long. You may stay till closing time at no extra cost.

We enjoy free entry in Cafe De Paris until 22:00. For our group ONLY!

Allow some time to queue and you are advised to arrive early, ideally by 20:15. The venue charges £15 after 22:00, on top of the meet-up fee. Standard entry and long queue applies.

Our smaller sister group is joining so expect a fairly busy event and more people than this guest list.

Indulge into innovative cocktails before exploring an immersive night of thrills, delights and surprises. Let the entertainers take you through a night of hedonism as you sparkle under 54 disco balls with the best of Old School Disco, Party Anthems and NuDisco keeping you on your feet and partying until the early morning hours.

At 23:00, the Resident DJs take over and play the best Commercial, R’n’B, Hip Hop and House hits until 3am with immersive performances happening until 1:30am, it has to be seen to be believed.



This is the famous, stunning Cafe De Paris! Among the most exclusive Clubs in London, attracting celebs, models and socialites. You are one of them tonight!

The venue reserves the right to deny entrance, even if you paid a (non refundable) ticket. Strictly comply with all rules and dress code.

If you have already paid but says UNPAID next to your name: Eventbrite is not connected to this Meet-up feature, so can not be updated. Have your proof of payment on your phone to show, as it's been received !

The Loyalty scheme for your 5th FREE event, does NOT APPLY for this event. All guests need to pay. You can have your free event next time and then another three, instead for four paid so you don't miss out.