Lo que hacemos

I will teach you how easy to go in the deep meditative state without any year of practice, in just one day or 3 day. Sound crazy?

Well with this intensive but simple to learn Third Eye Intensive Breathing Meditation Technique you can do.

If you ever try to meditate you should experienced is really hard to calm down and quit from your mind, because it impossible you can not stop thinking with the thoughts to "I don't want thinking" it is just another thoughts..

So please forget to fight with yourself to stop thinking, but just don' forget yourself you are breathing...and feel your body!

First the self attention born, then you will aware for self-consciousness namely, You.

This technique help to move your attention to your body not for your thoughts and then you will access your inner power. You will power up your body! Than after you will able to being without thoughts just like turn off your always working mind, for some moment, minutes, hour, and you will there where you always want to be, in the present moment ,to live yourself, without thinking, without the inside monologue, and than you will more freely live your life with your thoughts as well:)

Because you know now, you are not your thoughts, you have the thoughts, there is something else what you can discover! The infinite You!

After this you will be more easily meditate and easily find the way to come back your consciousness, the way of the present moment.

The benefits are, you can experience what is without ego, self healing, the space of consciousness, to live Yourself in the now, help to reduce or completely wipe any addictions, you will have more energy for the everyday life ,more focus in your job, the list is so long but feel free to ask or just search on internet .

All you can experience is just up to you.

This practice not for anybody, just for who really want discover the possibility behind the scen.

You will wake up your powerful You! Ask yourself do you really want that?! :))

If you are brave but you have fear about the change or you have any hesitation, please ignore that and come, while the braveness can give you infinite possibilities, but the fear don't give nothing, just more fear.

This is a very powerful dynamique breathing exercising method. If you wish to attend here are the simple rules : empty stomach, you will need a long scarf, blanket, yoga mat. Make sure you're wearing comfortable clothing and you can drink little of water, not much.

Important!! If you have any health issue, pregnant or using any medication, please tell me before you come! No alcohol or any kind of drug!