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We all want to experience success, freedom, and happiness at the highest levels. Wouldn’t it be nice to combine the core truths of ancient spirituality with the most effective techniques of modern psychology in one practical "life course" that allows us to finally achieve the life of our hearts’ desires? And wouldn’t it be great to be entertained and inspired along the way? I believe we can. While no one has all the answers, I strongly believe that life’s most fundamental principles or truths are available for us to utilize so that we can overcome our personal challenges and achieve the extraordinary life of magic and fulfillment we are all meant to have. And, curiously enough, Hollywood can show the way. I use scenes from mainstream movies in order to help us better understand and internalize each foundational life principle while making the learning process far more interesting. If time allows, I follow it all up with exercises that have proven to be valuable in implementing those principles so that we can realize real and lasting positive change. But I also want to hear from you. I welcome your own wisdom, creativity, and talents to help me form what could be the last personal development course we ever need. Please join me to help us all! (Note: We will discuss a different life principle and view scenes from a different movie each session.)This Meetup group is designed for people who want to: • Create a more meaningful, fulfilling, and happier life • Realize true personal success • Generate more prosperity, including monetary wealth • Determine the right direction in life, including career and relationships • Discover their dreams and life purpose • Make their dreams a reality • Heal their past, overcome their fears, and find real personal freedom • Answer many of life’s biggest questions and resolve many of its greatest mysteries • Enjoy the magic of everyday living • Become inspired

Todos queremos tener éxito, libertad y felicidad. Sería bueno si pudiéramos combinar las verdades fundamentales de la espiritualidad y sabiduría antigua con las técnicas más eficaces de la psicología moderna, la cual nos permite lograr por fin la vida que realmente queremos en nuestros corazones. Además, estando activos y inspirados. Yo creo que es posible. Aunque es cierto que nadie tiene todas las soluciones para nuestros desafíos, creo que todos nosotros tenemos acceso a los principios (verdades) de la vida más importantes para que podamos superar nuestros obstáculos y conseguir una vida de magia y plenitud que merecemos. Es curioso que Hollywood nos pueda ayudar a conseguir esta meta. Yo utilizo segmentos de películas para ayudarnos a entender y integrar cada principio de vida haciendo el aprendizaje mucho más interesante. Además, si hay tiempo, hago ejercicios y actividades que son muy útiles al integrar esos principios para poder realizar cambios positivos y permanentes. Cada sesión está dedicada a un principio (verdad fundamental) y una película distinta. Nuestras reuniones están creadas para gente que quiere: 1. Crear una vida plena, con sentido, profundidad, y felicidad 2. Conseguir éxito personal 3. Generar prosperidad, incluyendo riqueza financiera 4. Determinar la dirección apropiada en la vida, incluyendo la carrera y las relaciones personales 5. Descubrir sus sueños y su propósito de vida 6. Convertir sus sueños en realidad 7. Resolver asuntos de su pasado, superar sus miedos, y encontrar libertad personal verdadera 8. Entender mejor los misterios más grandes de la vida, como el significado de la vida 9. Disfruta cada día de la magia y alegría de la vida 10. Estar inspirados

Nota que las películas tienen subtitulos en inglés para la gente que tengan dificultades entender el dialogo. Hago traducciones en castellano si nos hace falta.

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"Hector and the Search for Happiness" (2014); Creating Truly Happy Lives

***Please read all text and comments below. There are changes. A minimum of 12 people is necessary to hold the event, so please RSVP as soon as possible so we can get an accurate count. Starting on time is important so please do your best to come no later than 17:40 (though later is possible). Please RSVP only if you are sure you can come. If you sign up but later decide not to come, please remove your name from the list.*** Is true, lasting happiness possible? If so, have you found it yet? Personal Growth through Movies: Creating Truly Happy Lives Film: "Hector and the Search for Happiness" (2014) Note: This is a discussion-based event. We will watch scenes (with English subtitles), NOT the entire movie. Be prepared to share your opinion, if you wish. If you have ever wanted to get to the heart of what life is about, this session is for you. In it, we will discuss and learn about: 1. The various components that are known to contribute to happiness, especially those mentioned in the film. 2. Blocks to that happiness which arise from our egos 3. Happiness as a skill to be cultivated instead of an object to be obtained or a destination at which to arrive. (Using scenes from mainstream movies, "Personal Growth through Movies" examines universal life principles from ancient wisdom traditions, combining mainly spirituality (not religion) and psychology in a practical manner, as a way of helping us improve our lives and realize true success, inner fulfillment, and lasting happiness.) To read what our attendees had to say about past sessions, please click on this link (you may have to click on "group reviews" on the left-hand side of page): http://bit.ly/GroupREVIEWS Program Outline: 18.00 Start of session. We will watch scenes from the film, discuss them, and see how we can apply the concepts to our lives. 20.00 End of session. 20:00 - 21:00 Optional: For those who wish to continue the discussion and enjoy a drink together, we will go to a nearby cafe. Cost: €7. PLEASE BRING EXACT CHANGE. Happiness has been a hot topic ever since the rise of Positive Psychology and the importance it has placed on creating happy lives through positive thinking, attitudes, and lifestyles. Even science has made significant contributions to the subject by establishing techniques proven to be effective. Yet, all the strategies in the world designed to promote happiness are ultimately meaningless without placing them within a greater context of who we are and why we're here. In this session, we will watch scenes from the charming and quirky film "Hector and the Search for Happiness" (2014), starring Simon Pegg, Rosamund Pike, and Christopher Plummer, and see that a truly happy and fulfilling life must be established from the inside out, combining the truths from our inner spiritual journey with the rationality and practicality of our outer worldly experiences. In the end, happiness is what we all want, irrespective of our individual life goals. Come find out how to make this year—and every year thereafter—the very happiest of your life. Note: Try to watch the film before coming, but don't worry if you can't. We will watch scenes, NOT the whole movie. We will have English subtitles. Please remember to RSVP only if you can come—and try to come no later than 17.40 (but later is possible). Thank you!

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