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Electro-Makers (Formerly IoT Club) Open Workshop

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2025 Washington Avenue · Filadelfia, PA

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Come join us at NextFab for a bi-weekly making session

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Come join us for the Philly "Electro-Makers" Club.

We're building electronics projects (think Arduino ( and Raspberry Pi ( and occasionally (and optionally) making open source contributions to electronics tools (check out our first project here (

A couple important notes:

1. Bring your electronics projects!

2. You don't have to be a NextFab member. (but you should, because it's awesome)

3. If you don't have a project, we'll find you one

4. If you don't have supplies, we can loan you some (supplies limited), or you can buy some of your own (from NextFab, or, or Digikey).

5. If you want to learn the basics, we'll point you in the right direction (and encourage you to take classes at NextFab, and build some easy projects to get warmed up)

See you soon!

Matt and Brad