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We are a friendly group of board/card game designers and playtesters set up in London in 2010. We meet to play games and each other's design prototypes.

Everyone is welcome to join us and bring along their own designs or settle down to play and give their opinion. Ever designed a game and wanted to see how it plays? Enjoy playing games and being creative? Do you know what makes a game fun? Don't leave your game ideas sitting on the shelf gathering dust; show them off at the next Playtest meetup and get feedback direct from the players. We look forward to welcoming you at the next meetup!

We have regular playtesting meetups across the country in London, Cambridge, Newcastle, Brighton, Cardiff, Leeds, Enfield, Bath, Norwich, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Birmingham, Bristol, Cornwall, Oxford, Dundee, Oxford, Southampton and SE London.

We host public playtesting at UK Games Expo, Dragonmeet, Essen, London Toy Fair and a few other events during the year. We also run game jams and designer/publisher speed dating events throughout the year.

Please see our listings for details of dates and times. There is a monthly group newsletter.

Próximos eventos (5+)

London Playtest weeknight meetup (Weekly Monday)

Jugged Hare Pub

Have fun playing other people's prototypes, and maybe testing your own, in a friendly and constructive atmosphere. We usually have one or two people by 5:45 and we aim to have enough people for a first game at 6:15. The bar closes at 11pm and whilst you are welcome to come/leave whenever you want, it'd help us if you can give some indication ahead of time. Please add details of your game in the comments section below (game length, #players wanted, game name/description). Though there won't be any predetermined 'slot' length (so games of any length can be played), we try to organise the 'playlist' in the fairest way we can. (Please note that as a condition of our use of the Jugged Hare, only food and drink bought at the pub can be consumed on the premises.) You can follow the group's blog at http://www.playtest.co.uk We also have a guild page on BGG: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/guild/1398

Enfield Playtest meetup

Adult Learning Academy

A friendly and informal Playtest Meetup in North London. Bring along a game to test or just turn up to see what other developers have brought. Play some games, give some feedback, socialise and network with like minded creative-types who love games of all kinds. There is free parking at the back of the building ( Please ignore the parking restrictions as they will not apply to you only on days of the playtest meet up) but this is limited or alternatively along the side streets are free too. By tube take the over ground train from Seven Sisters (Victoria Line) and its six stops to Southbury station and a short 5 min walk from the station. Bus Routes: 279, 349, 491, 377 Stop just a two minute walk from the center. There are no food and drink served at the center but there are plenty of food shops and newsagents just a stones throw away.

Cambridge Playtest meetup

The Cricketers (aka Luk Thai)

We are a friendly group of gamers and game designers who meet every week to playtest our own board and card game prototypes. We meet from every Tuesday, from 6:00pm onwards, at The Cricketers (Luk Thai) pub in Cambridge. All are welcome, and there is no charge. And if you don't have a game prototype of your own that's cool — you can just help us playtest ours! :) If you are interested in joining us or have any questions, feel free to contact Brett or Matt.

Belfast Playtest meetup

Queen's Café Bar

Hi all! Welcome to the Belfast Playtest Meetup! If you are currently working on a board game, looking for inspiration or just want to try out cool designs, this is the place for you. We meet at the Queen's Cafe' on Wednesday[masked] as part of the Board Meeting group, to share ideas and try out custom built board games. It's a very relaxed environment so don't be scared to drop by! If it is your first time ask for Rob (Barratt). This event should be running every week, but as it is a new group there is a chance a week may go amiss. This page will however be updated to avoid any inconvenience, so make sure to check if an event is on before coming by. Looking forward to meeting you soon! Rob

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