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For all you Pokemon Go trainers looking to do Legendary Boss Raids in the London area!

Perfect for Pokemon Go players who want to complete their Pokedex in a fun and relaxed way without the need to disclose their mobile number.

Rayquaza is back! From the 1st Aug to the 2nd Sep. With possible shiny!

Team Rocket battles may happen should the opportunity arise (i.e. whilst travelling between raids) but please note raids will be prioritised.

Meetups are normally set for the weekends. I can set up weekday meetups on request. If so, you will be assigned as the host of the meetup.

Speed Forme Deoxys is an Exclusive Raid Battle upon defeating raid battles and then getting an invite to the gym you had successfully beaten the boss at. Completing a Boss Raid battle at a gym that has a high participant count within a space of time gives you a higher chance of getting an EX Raid Pass. EX eligible gyms are normally found in parks. Hyde Park is particularly good for EX Raid Passes.

All three Pokemon Go teams are welcome to join. Instinct, Mystic and Valour!

The more the merrier and of course stronger too!

Let's join forces and get us some Pokemon!

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