• Become better at communicating

    Lytx, Inc.

    Communicating effectively is a big part of a product manager job. In this meetup, get tips, ideas, best practices for becoming better at getting heard - whether that's communicating customer research findings, presenting a roadmap, asking for resources, proposing a new idea/feature. This will be fun, informative and practical! We start with a terrific panel of speakers: Kristin Costas, Steve Cook, Marcos Rivera, and Sarah McCasland who'll share their tips, war stories and experiences - and then we'll have breakout sessions where you can dig deeper into a specific topic and share and learn from your peers. Thanks to our generous host Lytx for food & drinks!

  • Market Validation

    Intuit Inc

    Our next meeting is all about Market Validation. How do you learn from customers, what type of questions do you ask, how do you go about doing market validation, who does this and more. We have a new format with six speakers speaking for six minutes on their perspective/experience with market validation - and then you get a chance to choose who to spend more time with whichever speaker inspires you the most. We have a great lineup of speakers: Sacha Adam @Intuit, Tracy Stevens @GoDaddy, Lucy Beard @ThermoFisher, Jill Roughan @Sciencia, David Walker @Appfolio and Karla Uribe @Intuit. Thanks to our generous host Intuit for a great venue, food and drinks!

  • Leveraging Data and AI in Products

    Teradata Corporation

    Join us for a fascinating discussion on how data and AI are influencing how we think, innovate and build products. We'll have a panel of experts to share their perspectives and drive a lively debate. Post your pressing questions here, and we'll add them to our list! I'm so excited to to announce the panelists: *Mark Cusack: VP Analytics Platform, Teradata *Michelle Keim: Head of Data Science at Pluralsight *Agustin Lebron: Managing Director at Essilen Research *Andy White: Keshif Ventures Thanks to our generous host, Teradata for sponsoring this evening!

  • Product Management & Design Thinking


    This ProductTank is something special. We're going to combine speakers with a hands-on workshop to go deep on product management and design thinking. Learn from former Innovation Strategist at Target, Helder Sebastiao, and then get ready to roll up your sleeves to learn and apply some specific design thinking techniques that you can use back at your job the next day. Thanks so our generous host at ServiceNow for providing food & drinks while we network, learn and go deep with product & design thinking.

  • ProductTank San Diego 2019

    2456 Town Garden Rd

    Hi ProductTank San Diego! We're excited to kickoff 2019 with a meeting at Viasat to share our topics and plans for the year. We have four main topics that we'd like to focus on in 2019: * Data / AI - what's real, and what's the PM role? * Market Validation - is there really a market for your product? * Design Thinking - techniques to help PMs ideate, prototype and test * Buy-in, leadership & communication - being more effective We have ideas for speakers, formats, panels - but this is where you, the ProductTank community, has a part to play. Let's design our year together around these main topics. You'll get to meet other people interested in this topic, and walk away with some ideas to try, articles/books to read and the opportunity to share your own best practices. Join us for our first meeting in 2019 - see you at Viasat on Feb 12. Taco bar & drinks served. Thanks to Viasat for sponsoring our first 2019 meetup. Directions once you get to address: Specific Instructions once you get to Town Garden Road: *Travel a short distance on Town Garden Road and turn LEFT into parking structure (there’s a few buildings on your left and some still under construction, but there’s only one parking garage entrance open) *After entering structure, park on Level “GL” – our security guard will be there near the elevator and will sign you in, check your ID and direct you to the Conference Center *Please do not attempt to park at or enter any other Viasat buildings or lobbies. Only enter through Parking Structure 2 at 2456 Town Garden Road.

  • 2018 Celebration & "unmeeting"

    Appfolio, Inc

    Calling all product people! As we come to the end of year 2 in San Diego, this is our chance to connect & celebrate. Last year, we took the opportunity to connect about the topics that are most important to us - we listened, and made that the focus of our programming this year. It worked so well, we're going to do this again! This is your opportunity to meet your tribe. And it’s not your ordinary (boring) networking event. This unconference-like session gives you the opportunity to meet your peers and talk real product issues. Bring your product questions, latest product wins, and horrible failures. We'll provide pizza & booze. We want to thank our two sponsors, Centercode and Appfolio for their fabulous support. See you there! Centercode generously providing the food & drinks. Centercode empowers modern enterprise and high-growth companies to leverage smarter, more impactful Alpha, Beta, and Field Tests to consistently deliver successful, high-quality products. Appfolio: generously providing the space for us to meet. AppFolio creates complete, easy-to-use, cloud-based software for multiple vertical markets.

  • Making the move into management

    Mitchell International

    We've heard a lot of questions about moving into management. As a PM you have tons of responsibility without managing anyone directly. So, exactly how do you get into a people manager role? We're going to explore this topic with first sharing our experience of hiring lots of managers - what do we look for, what should you do to get ready, how do you position yourself? Vidya & Heather are also leading this topic at "Industry" the product management conference held in October in Ohio - and we'll bring back best practices that we hear from the discussion. This will be part talk, and part interaction. Come ready to learn, share and have fun! Food/drinks provided by our generous host, Mitchell International.

  • Product Roadmaps

    Intuit (Intuit Cafe)

    Get ready for another interesting panel on a topic that has been requested by the community: Product Roadmaps. We've asked four strong product leaders to come in and impart their infinite roadmapping wisdom on us. We’ll be discussing the critical aspects of roadmapping: • Inputs including how we infuse customer learning • Process for prioritization and driving roadmap decisions that stick. • How to include cross functional partners in the process • Managing changes to the roadmap in a way the organization can get behind • Pitfalls and best practices for developing successful and durable roadmaps Get ready for a great event and learn new ways to master product roadmapping! Thanks to our host, Intuit, for providing a great venue & pizza/drinks. Thanks to our organizers Nataly Zeldin, Tim Powers, Jeff Taylor and Heather Samarin for putting together an exciting evening! See you there!

  • REMOTE: Working from anywhere (our first VIRTUAL meetup!)


    Have you ever been interested in working remotely, or faced the prospect of running a remote meeting? Or maybe you're creating a new product team that's geographically distributed, and are looking for the best tools and techniques to keep them productive and in sync? If this sounds like you, fire up your webcams, grab your favorite headphones and join us for a very special Product Tank event in June. REMOTE, is a virtual event we've designed to give you everything you and your team needs to hop onboard the distributed worker revolution! That's right, we said *virtual* event - rather than just tell you how to work remotely at a traditional in-person meetup, at REMOTE, we'll actually demonstrate for you just how easily you can begin collaborating at scale, with 3 simultaneous discussion panels covering all the tips, tricks and expertise you need to get up and running remotely! + Panel 1 - Nuts & Bolts: the Tools, Processes & Cultures of successful remote teams + Panel 2 - All Eyes On Me: Facilitating Large Virtual Events + Panel 3 - Best Foot Forward: How to Get a Remote Job Simply join our virtual lobby for opening remarks & instructions for attending the individual panel discussions here: https://zoom.us/j/559517415

  • World Product Day - Happy Hour Celebration


    On May 23 we’ll be celebrating 8 years of ProductTank with the first ever World Product Day! We are one of 90* cities across 43 countries currently signed up to join in on the fun. This will be a great day to raise awareness of and appreciation for the craft of product management and our global tribe of product people! This is an informal (non-hosted) happy hour so that our amazing San Diego ProductTank community can join in the world-wide fun! Join for a drink, and get some fun sticker schwag!