Lo que hacemos

In this group we will dive deep into a heart-opening meditation, cultivating a space of love within ourselves. The energy of love unites, nourishes and supports. In love it feels safe to open up to who we truly are. And in safety we can look at our relationship with ourselves, others and the world, discover and change. And by doing so, we bring more compassion, understanding and love into every aspect of everyday life.

During our meetings I will explain how this meditation came to be, how it works and answer any questions. It is a guided meditation, which means I will be leading it. And everyone will have a chance to share after the meditation.

Few words about me. I've always been passionate about human consciousness and spirituality. I spent last 10 years traveling all around the world and learning from different teachers. I feel very passionate to share the tool that helped me so much on my personal transformational journey.

The meditation has a heart-centered approach of compassion, love and acceptance towards all aspects of the self and it is based on my personal experiences and teachings of Matt Khan.

Join for one of the upcoming events if you feel the excitement to do so!

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