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We will meet near de norske sten at the tronholmparken

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Meditation is a powerful tool of self mastery. It allows you to tune in and connect to your true self, get in touch with your vulnerable parts, relax into the being, become more aware of what is happening within and explore it, let go of old outdated beliefs, judgements, triggers and resistance.

Meditation has a positive impact on your life allowing you to change and become a better version of yourself.

Meditation is even more powerful, when done in a group! That’s why I would like to share my passion for meditation with people.

I’ve been traveling around the world and exploring spirituality for the last 10 years. I’ve gathered many tools that assisted me in my healing journey. I feel inspired to share one of the most powerful meditations. I practice it on a daily basis. It is called “Whatever arises, love that”. It's dedicated to opening up the heart, loving all parts of yourself and radiating love all around you.

We will start with a short story of how that meditation came to be. Then I will lead the guided meditation. And in the end we will all have a chance to share.

Please, keep yourself warm and comfortable! Bring extra clothes, blankets and something to sit on. There will be warm tea and snacks!

And if you feel excited, join us for a deep dive into yourself!

With love,

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