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A meetup for the interesting programming language Rust from Mozilla.

We are bound by the Berlin Code of Conduct whose full terms can be found here: http://berlincodeofconduct.org

Your team is Mark, Christian, Ernest, Aidan, Emily and Richard.

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Rust Hack n Learn + Lightning Talks Evening #16

After an amazing July we're going to have a more casual meetup which aims to combine the best of the LDN Talks and the Rust Hack N Learn. This months event will be a Hack n Learn social, with the opportunity for community members to give a 5-10 minute lightning talk about a personal project or any piece of Rust related learning they would like to share. We will then hangout, work on some Rust projects or go through tutorials together! If you don't have a project, come along, you might find that someone is working on something that interests you. Failing that we've got various suggestions for exercises and challenges. Some of us are newbies working our way through the Rust book or other learning materials. This month we are being hosted by TrueLayer. https://truelayer.com/ 6:30pm Network with Pizza's n Beer 7:00pm Lightning talks 7:30pm Hacking, Learning and Socialising 8:30pm Close

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Rust Hack n Learn #15 ** Special Rust Embedded Workshop**

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