• Automate WordPress with Zapier, Talk TBD, Free Website Review, Q&A

    Florida International University

    🔥🔥🔥 Automate Your WordPress with Zapier Zapier is one of a few tools that let you apply triggers to your actions and have WordPress do things for you. Get a basic overview of Zapier and how it works with WordPress. Here's some things you'll learn how to: 👉🏻Post your new WordPress Posts to your Facebook page 👉🏻Post New Instagram Photos to Your WordPress Blog 👉🏻Share published WordPress posts in a Slack channel 👉🏻Save on those mouse clicks and more! 🗣️🗣️🗣️TALK -TBD We have a talk in the oven. Keep an eye out for it's announcement before the Meetup. 👉🏻👉🏻🖥️ Free Ideas to Improve Your Website In our July Meetup, a few brave website came under our microscope and they all received awesome tips and ways to improve (or applause for a job well done). This is only for the brave, bring your website URL and we will critique it. What this mean is that we will give you advice on how to make your website better or applaud a job well done. All advice is free so you take it at your own risk. Get free ideas! 😍😍😍 Questions & Answers Please bring your questions, newbie or seasoned. You can help in advance by posting your questions in the comments and we will go over them while your at the Meetup. Can't send us your questions, NP, show up and we'll take questions then as well. **** WE NEED MORE TALKS AND SPEAKERS! REACH OUT! FIU School of Computing and Information Sciences, PG-6 (Room 144). This is the ground floor of Parking Garage #6. Parking: Metered parking for visitors in the back of the first floor PG 6 building. Please pay the meter or you may get a ticket. Use paybyphone.com and enter the Location number on the Green and Black signs. If anyone has any WordPress questions to throw at us, please bring them... list them in the comments section on meetup.com so we can be prepared.

  • Top 3 Plugin Talks, How to Network, Q&A, And More!

    Nova Southeastern University, Carl DeSantis Building

    a2Hosting is helping us sponsor this event! Here's the planned agenda: 👉🏻 How to network at a tech meetup or conference. Networking can be difficult if you're an introvert. Making professional connections when you're not a "people person" can be almost impossible. But there is hope! Allie Nimmons, a self-identifying introvert, talks you through her approach to networking, even when you don't list socialization as one of your favorite hobbies. Get some actionable tips on how to network in a way that feels comfortable and approachable to you. 👉🏻 THE TOP 3 PLUGINS FOR FORMS, SECURITY, SOCIAL SHARING, AND MORE - This is a quick beginner's guide to the "top 3" plugins for many of the things you want to use with WordPress. 👉🏻 TOP 9 : "Top 9" Things That You Should Be Paying Attention To In the WordPress Space In the Last Month (Time Permitting) New to WordPress? Submit us a topic and we'll talk about! Submit us questions, we want to share knowledge to you and the group! If you haven't spoken at a meetup in the last month or two, and would like to have a speaking slot PLEASE REACH OUT. --------- Room Numbers: We are confirming where the next meetup will be in terms of room number, so stay tuned. Parking Pass: Coming soon! NOTE: The pass we provide should still be good for 2nd floor and above in the parking garage which is next to the venue building. If you want to not want to use this pass that's fine - park on the first floor, it's $1 per hour for parking. MAP TO DeSANTIS BUILDING: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Carl+DeSantis+Bldg,+Nova+Southeastern+University,+Davie,+FL+33314/@26.0806116,-80.2421017,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x88d9a82f6b1a6fdf:0x51d70ab0d7de5f If anyone has any WordPress questions to throw at us, please bring them... list them in the comments section on meetup.com so we can be prepared. FOOD: Might be pizza, might not be. We'll see :-) Bring yourself and a small donation for food if you plan on eating.