• Let's talk about the future of the group - Social event, drinks and talk

    The Network (St Julians, Malta)

    All WordPressers are more than welcome to join for a social event where we can meet each other and discuss the future of the group.

  • WordPress BBQ & Lightning talk 🍻


    5,00 €

    In this time, our speaker is EVERYONE!!! Let's enjoy making a BBQ and meeting WordPress friends in beautiful art coworking & coliving space in Birgu! -------- << Venue & BBQ >> Name: CoCoHub Malta Location: https://goo.gl/maps/MdXtVBrahzJ2 Fee: 5EUR - Snack & meat are included. - Venue can serve beer/wine for 2EUR per can/glass. -------- << Lightning Talk >> To see the variety of us, we will have speakers as much as possible with "Lightning Talk" style. In that way, everyone can give a short talk in 5 minutes like lightning! You don't need past experience. If you use slides, please bring your laptop or USB memory. Suggested topic: - What do you do with WordPress? - How did you start/learn WordPress? - Recommended themes/plugins/anything - Any tips/trick around WordPress 5 faith rules: All talk should follow our 5 faith rules, How to apply: Add a comment on this event. It would be nice if you could write your talk title too! -------- << Schedule >> 19:00 Start BBQ 20:00 Meetup Introduction 20:10 Start Lightning talk

  • Making WordPress fast(er)

    Catena Media

    • What we'll do With WordPress, it is easy to add functionality with plugins or a multi-purpose theme. But this can make a website slow. And people really like fast websites (and so does Google). We will look at how you can find out if your website is slow. And talk about tricks, plugins and tools that you can use to make your website faster. Walter Ebert will be the speaker this time more info here: https://walterebert.com/ Also, we´ll have some time for networking with free drinks Thanks again to Catena Media for the awesome installations and for the drinks. https://www.catenamedia.com/ Location on Google maps is wrong. Use this link for the location: https://goo.gl/maps/dpHoXPbDXBz • What to bring • Important to know Looking for speakers for the next meetups any topic related to WordPress is welcome and it doesn´t matter the level.

  • Make visual changes in your WordPress theme like a pro.

    When default theme options are not enough and you need to go deeper. Make visual changes in your WordPress theme like a pro. Agenda: 18:00-19:00 Free Drinks and networking. 19:00 WP Talk by Marek Matysiak. For the movie lovers, it will be Inception themed presentation. (If you didn´t watch it, you should do it is amazing). I'm super happy to announce that finally, we'll have a super cool place where to host the meetup, thanks to Catena Media, especially Damien Azzopardi and Eitan Gorodetsky.

  • WordPress BBQ 🍻

    Exiles beach

    Let´s take advantage of the nice weather and let´s make a BBQ where we'll have an informal conversation about WordPress, any topic is welcome. I'd need a bit of collaboration, everyone must bring their own food and drinks. I´m going to buy portable BBQs, plastic cutlery and dishes. (We'll share the price between everyone, I don´t think it will cost more than 2€ per person) We'll be in Exiles Beach on the left side of Surfside. Google Maps location: https://goo.gl/maps/9jhNt6LZAGy We have a WhatsApp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/Ku50NmfOgoC0lJiwPPIpm4 (https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fchat.whatsapp.com%2FKu50NmfOgoC0lJiwPPIpm4&h=ATP5LAMYD2gL_jv-F4-qw2jffxnmAXd7zJjM2CQy8ka0Zl2NnmjlG_9nqyRQ5gM6JhD772Q-q5WbHY6anhyorePx5A3F8Ybx4Mm7y5PEcVQa174mcvF7LzauK_Ryt4uHBiMhGx28DM4) Join us to spend a good time.

  • How to do install Wordpress in the correct way.

    The Beer Cave

    The meetup will start at 19:30 until 21:30. 1. 19:30 - 20:00 of networking. 2. 20:00 till 20: 45 of explanation and debate. 3. 20:45 Networking again but with a live band. We are going to talk about how to install Wordpress like a professional. We’ll be talking about the very important steps that you must do but 99% of WordPress users never do when they do a new installation of a WordPress site. We´ll run you through how to do the installation on a computer with a projector, where you will be able to watch step by step what you should do. There will be step by step instructions, so you’ll be able to recreate exactly this next time you need to install Wordpress. Even if you already have a WordPress site you can make some of these settings changes to increase the security of your site. As always, feel free to ask us about whatever you need, Wordpress-wise. Any tips and tricks from our meet-up group about how to install WordPress will also be much appreciated Join us, everybody is welcome! Thanks https://thatspace.io/ for helping us with the venue.

  • Introduction of the first WordPress Meetup

    Me Lounge

    We want to create a community of people based in Malta who are interested in WordPress. For the first meetup, the aim is for us all to meet and get to know each other a little better. We´ll talk about what WordPress wants from this group, and we´ll discuss about what to talk about the next event. This group is for everyone and we are open to talking about everything Wordpress: SEO, Plugins, Themes, best practices, sharing of our own experience building with WP, hosting providers, etc. The Idea is to organise an event per month. Join us! Everybody is welcome! Here a map of how to arrive at the place: