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Laser Tag Happy Hour (14 people Max)
Let's get together at ShadowLand’s laser adventure where the experience is much more than just ‘laser-tag’. You’ll see that ShadowLand’s adventure system has evolved beyond normal ‘laser-tag’. Make your entertainment dollar go much further … experience the next generation of interactive entertainment. Cost: $6~$8 per Adventure. An “Adventure” consists of a BRIEFING where participants learn how to use the bodysuit and GEMs, suiting up in the VESTING room, a 15 minute period in the large, multi-level carpeted arena and SCORECARD distribution in the reception area. Once started, an adventure takes about 30 minutes to complete. The Arena is a semi-darkened area with a misty fog and specialty music and lights. IMPORTANT RULES: 1. We will have attendance to find out no shows (a member can get banned from meetup in 2 to 3 no shows) 2. We will going to the venue as casual players and during its peak times. Please be on TIME or 15 mins early.

ShadowLand Laser Adventures

5508 Franconia Road · Alexandria

6,00 US$
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