Sports & eSports Techs


Welcome/ Benvinguts/ Bienvenidos!!! to the 1st SportsTech Barcelona meetup.

In this inauguration meetup we will present the ambitious SportsTech HUB23 project for Barcelona and thereafter we will have the opportunity to meet first-hand several Sports and eSports leading projects.

HUB23 will be presented by Josep M. Monti, CEO of startup Atry and long-time sports entrepreneur. Monti will explain this ambitious project, which aims to propel Barcelona as the European leader city in hosting Sports and eSports startups, empowering them to unprecedented visibility and creating deep-synergies with well stablished companies. This will be first materialized with "arena" or "Pier01 of sports", focusing on shared services for sports, including labs, media rooms, coordinated mentoring, VC mediation and many others. We will finally have the tool to fully leverage the well-known potential of Barcelona as entrepreneurial city in one of the best-possible ecosystems exhibiting an incredible talent pool in sports innovation.

We follow up with Francis Casado, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development of 3D Digital Venue. He will introduce 3D Digital Venues’ stadium viewing system, which has revolutionized Interactive Digital Venue Management for both Sports and the Entertainment Venue industry, empowering the growth of online ticketing for world-class clubs like FC Barcelona, Atlético de Madrid, Manchester City, Liverpool or Tottenham Hotspur, including prestigious competitions such as the Euroleague or the ACB basketball.

Daniel Bueno is manager at Cream eSports team in the Clash Royale and League of Legends sections. First Daniel will introduce his main daily tasks in managing, evaluating and work-planning the different teams of both games; also including hiring staff, players, content creators and designers to enable the team to compete effectively in the most important country leagues. Thereafter he will illustrate us with his first-hand experience in leveraging statistical tools, such as RoyaleAPI or StatsRoyale, to both study opponents and to continuously improve the team. Finally we see how the club is organized in different areas: finance, sports, marketing and design.. .and how this all integrated with the support of a rich multimedia toolchain based in mobile and PC Discord platform.

The biologist and entrepreneur Oriol Llampayas will present Sports Medicine Genomics, a Genetics R & D project applied to sports, which he initiated together with Dr. Rosa Artells and Dr. Ricard Pruna. This spin-off laboratory of the University of Barcelona has specialized in genetic studies for professional and amateur athletes, in order to help them improve their performance and health in three key pillars: injury prevention, optimized nutrition and sports orientation.

And, of course, after the presentations we will all share together some networking time in a rich sportstech atmosphere.

Save the date. Looking forward to meet you all !!!