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Special summer meetup for those not on holidays! Next Tuesday, July 23rd (19:00h), we will meet sportstech with the nature in the heart of Barcelona thanks to Màfic Space.

In this meetup Víctor Fernández from Keemotion will present us with their technology, enabling fully automated of sports images while processing them through a real-time AI pipeline. Already today many Basketball courts worldwide are leveraging the automated production solution by Keemotion and delivering a top-tier viewing experience for teams, leagues, and fans across the world. As an example, Keemotion directs cameras to autonomously track the basketball while adjusting the viewpoint for the best viewing experience during the “most exciting” moments, without human direction. Victor will show us how and much more!

Rubén Saavedra co-founder and CEO of Metrica Sports will talk us about how AI in performance analysis can be taken to grassroot sport’s fans. Metrica Sports is a deeply integrated platform combining Data & Video. Metrica Sports is already a leader the football’s market by serving top clubs and its fans worldwide with its impressive feature set and immersive user-friendly software.

Our last speaker is Filip Gorski, CEO of Mindfuture, which provides a wide range of opportunities to companies for brand promotion through sports and esports. Mindfuture are specialists in sports’ marketing by designing “live” activities showcasing brands in a cost-effective approach for a decade now. Their team of professionals is dedicated to work closely integrated with the client’s marketing team to deliver the highest quality customer service and to achieve highly-successfully outreaching promotional campaigns.

Finally, we are very happy to announce the incorporation of the HUB23 association and we will be sharing with you many exciting (and truly significant) news as well as our concrete action roadmap for 2019… you will need to show-up to know more 😉.

(Goodbye. Happy summer and see you in September)