Sports Tech Reloaded !


Come and join us into our great “back to school” SportsTech-Reloaded meetup!

This time we will have 3 high-quality speakers with a broad international and national experience, which will be followed with our latest news on the Hub23 project and our plans for the very short term.

David Garcia, sales manager at NBN23 will tell us all about the great technology they have developed to manage basketball tournaments integrated with in-detail analysis of player performance. He also will present the history of the company, including its’ challenges and breakthroughs. NBN23 is a startup from Valencia with clients world-wide. NBN23 is a true- full-stack company, integrating technological developments including wearable-integration, AI-assisted big-data analysis, dedicated front UXs covering several form factors to heterogeneous target audiences, and back-end integrations for rich marketing opportunities.

Jose Gonzalez , CEO and co-founder of startup Oliver will introduce us to the ultimate wearable integration for football: a fully custom “shin guard” that enables a complete analysis of the player’s performance from rich dataset directly obtained from the movement and forces of the players legs. Jose will talk about the real full potential of this AI-integrated technology to improve performance, prevent injuries and enhance the beautiful game for all players.

Ruben Saavedra, founder of Metrica Sports will showcase the real power of AI technology to fully leverage all the potential insights possible in broadcasted football games. Metrica Sport does all this from a visually mesmerizing interface, that elevates user experience to the next level, creating great opportunities for new business models for its clients. Ruben will also tell us about the challenges he encountered in launching his startup and where and how he believes there is the best potential to move forward.

Finally, Xavier and Monti will do a short refresher on what’s next for Hub23 during Q4 2016, with some exiting news about the sports-tech strategic plan developed for the administration of Barcelona.

Many thanks to for hosting us again here, and please don’t forget to visit’s other facilities around Barcelona and Sabadell!
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