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Learn about the Ocean. Safty tips on Rips & More
To become a more confident surfer, you need a combination of skill, ability and knowledge to assess all the various conditions as well as situations that the ocean can produce. Having an understanding of the ocean and surf conditions before you paddle out will enable you to make the right decision to suit your level of skill, making each session safer and more fun. Get the latest expert knowledge from our experienced and ISA Certificated Surf Coach.


Calle Numancia 25 · Las Palmas

7,00 €

Lo que hacemos

Surfing Nomads Gran Canaria Meetup is the group for all expats and tourist in Las in Las Palmas who want to experience surfing in in a group. We'll go together for a surf with a certificate surf coach from Las Palmas of Gran Canaria. He will be there for your security and to improve your skills. After the session, every participant will get his personal feedback and training plan, and we do networking with some beers. Are you interested in join with? More than welcome! This meetup will be weekly, and you can repeat it if you want! THAT IS NO SURF LESSON FOR BEGINNERS - If you like to start with surfing, please go to the local surf schools.


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