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Swinging, Ethical Non-monogamy and Polyamory— Why do couples do it? Author, Jim, and psychotherapist, Lisa, were curious. They took a walk on the wild side and then wrote “Let’s Date Together, A Companion for the Sexually Adventurous Couple.”

In this workshop you will expand your sexual knowledge and explore your erotic imagination through stories, moderated discussions, questions and answers. Is swinging or ethical non-monogamy for you or your marriage? This workshop will provide the reasons for and practical realities of sexual adventure, including the good, bad, wacky and the just plain awkward.

Each workshop is a “show and tell,” where Jim will share a spicy excerpt from a fictional story and Lisa will moderate a discussion themed around a common concern such as body image, bisexuality or lasting sexual desire in marriage. The workshop will shed light on why otherwise typical couples open up their relationships to sexual adventure with others, and provide some information and guidance on how to explore this wild world yourself. There are no special tools required for this workshop— just a open mind and a sense of humor.

Is this meet-up for you?

Are you in or have been in a committed relationship and wondered about how to have sexual adventures with other couples?

Have you practiced non-monogamy and have questions?

Do you just like and are fascinated by the subject of swinging?

This meet-up is for exploring the lifestyle in a safe, open environment.

This is a Private Meetup which means members profiles are only visible to members to ensure discretion.

Please be comfortable with frank sexual language and content. Members are expected to adhere to common privacy and discretion practices and above all respectful behavior.

We want curious couples and especially women to feel comfortable exploring their questions about non-monogamy. In this spirit, members not respecting the principles of the group will be excluded.

This is Not a Swingers Party, meaning there is no sexual activity or solicitation for sexual activity at the meet-up.

Who is this group for?

English speakers, please.

Couples, or a member of a couple who is curious about how ethical non-monogamy can enhance your relationship. As well, those curious but concerned about divulging their desires to their partner and the jealousy and drama that can be associated with opening up.

Experienced swingers hoping to enhance their experience or even to understand better their lifestyle choice.

Sexually adventurous couples socializing with others who will appreciate and accept their relationship style.

*For a short period we were called, "Swinging-Questioning Monogamy:A Discussion Group for Couples." but changed the title in December 2017 to "Let's Date Together"

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