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Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad
Joseph Conrad's most famous novel, Heart of Darkness is a shadowy, haunting book with a multitude of meanings and interpretations. It is about colonialism in Africa and the Europeans insatiable appetite for resources in a place they did not know nor understand. Lofty ambitions combined with greed and the pursuit of power have many unforeseen consequences. The effects of all this upon the individuals psyche are explored with deep poignancy. Published in 1899 this was the period when rapacious colonial competition was carving up Africa. The novel draws upon Conrad's own travels some years before in the Belgium Congo, an experience which gravely shook him for the rest of his life. The story is narrated by a merchant seaman called Marlow who recounts the tale of captaining a steamship into the most mysterious and hazardous depths of Africa on a long slow voyage fraught with danger. Upon somehow reaching the destination of their colonial companies remote trading station, the infamous man called Kurtz is finally encountered. Marlow has long been intrigued by him. Kurtz is head of the trading station and has made the trading company the most enormous profits, he is revered from far and wide. On the ground though his power is even more unimaginably immense, to the native tribes he is a messianic figure. Marlow is horrified, he wants to understand what has happened in this disturbing place. Kurtz it seems is insane, but is it really as simple as that? In the end for Marlow the narrator this tale is a perplexing one that is hard to begin to fathom. And thus it is left to the reader to piece together their own interpretation of a world that in the infamous words of Kurtz is "the horror! the horror!" This meetup will be led by TalkLiterature member Ben S. Bring wine/beer/snacks whatever if you want to. As this is close to Christmas we may go out to a bar afterwards if you want. Press the buzzer marked James' Studio to be let in. It's down the stairs, first door on the right.

James' studio

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