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ToC is focused on establishing a community to support and assist in the progression of Blacks in information technology. Our primary goal is to create and cultivate a community of highly-skilled Black technology professionals.

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Biases in AI: What Does It Mean for Me?

Russell Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

AI has become so prevalent in today's world that often times, people use these technologies without even knowing. Whether it involves recognizing and responding to one's voice, making recommendations on what type of music or song is preferred, or analyzing objects in images, how do we know these products are not biased or are being fair, especially when it comes down to a matter of privacy or human rights? Dr. Nashlie Sephus (Applied Science Manager at Amazon, CTO of acquired-startup Partpic, and founder of nonprofit The Bean Path) joins us in discussing how to measure and mitigate biases in AI as the tech lead of the Fairness in AI team at Amazon Webservices. Please register to attend using this link: http://buytickets.at/technologistsofcolor/309663/r/meetup

All About the GUAP

Russell Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Tavonia Evans founder of GUAPCoin will give a presentation on the cryptocurrency she created, how and why we should get invested. Following her presentation, Tavonia and Richard Scott have a 1 on 1 to discuss GUAPCoin, Blockchain and the Black community.

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Coding While Black - Sponsored by Expanse

The Gathering Spot

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