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Does TensorFlow have the potential to become the engine behind most successful consumer and industrial products of the next 10-20 years?

Absolutely! A much better question is how, and in what new ways, can we:

a) train more computers to teach themselves by sifting through massive amounts of data coming out of all sorts of places

b) make these computers available through an API to provide a high-quality answer to anyone who is in need.

Why? Because everyone in need deserves the right answer.

So.... why don't we standardize & democratize the field with and around TensorFlow, and help change the world!?

What. We are a local micro community of those interested in advancing their knowledge of TensorFlow, its use cases and applications.

How. Join our group for a regular dose of human interaction, conversations, smiles, food and drinks on all things TensorFlow:

• How-To's & Best Practices

• Tutorials

• Models

• Algorithms

• Multi-GPU Autoscaling in the cloud

• Tools & Integrations

We will learn how others solve some of the hard problems that exist in the world around us, and how others make predictive APIs and applications

Join the movement. Let’s change the world.

Because everyone in need deserves the right answer.

You are welcome:)

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London Meetup: Deep Dive into TensorFlow #26

Rise London

Welcome to TensorFlow London Meetup #26! REGISTER HERE - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/london-meetup-deep-dive-into-tensorflow-26-tickets-76434364241 AGENDA: 6:00 - Doors open. Networking. Drinks & Pizza 6:45 - Introduction 7:00 - 7:25 Talk 1: Introduction to Convolutional Neural Networks with Tensorflow by David Tyler 7:25 - 7:30 Q&A 7:30 - 7:55 Talk 2: Training to Explainability via GitOps with Kubeflow by Ryan Dawson 7:55 - 8.00 Q&A TALK DETAILS: Talk #1 Speaker: David Tyler, Managing Director at Outlier Technology Title: Introduction to Convolutional Neural Network with Tensorflow Bio: David is a techie at heart and has been working in software development, data analysis and data science for the last 20 years. Abstract: Representing a significant advance in neural network design, CNNs present some interesting concepts and approaches that can be somewhat confusing at first glance. This talk aims to dig into some of those concepts and explain them in terms that reveal what’s happening behind the lines of we can so easily pull together in frameworks like Tensorflow and Keras. In particular we’ll be exploring one of the first CNN tutorials from the Tensorflow site, that builds a CNN for recognising handwriting. Talk #2 Speaker: Ryan Dawson, Cloud Engineer at Seldon Title: Training to Explainability via GitOps with Kubeflow Bio: Ryan Dawson is a core member of the seldon open source team, providing tooling for machine learning deployments to Kubernetes (https://github.com/SeldonIO/seldon-core/). He has spent 10 years working in the Java Development scene in London across a variety of industries. Abstract: Ryan will show models being trained and deployed for serving from kubeflow pipelines via gitops, highlighting git-powered audit trails and then walk through some of the observability features using Seldon with kubeflow, focusing on grafana-based monitoring. He will use the EFK stack for request logging and then perform explanations on the requests using the open-source library alibi. All of this behind the kubeflow gateway's istio authentication.

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