Morning loop -Easy/Moderate Group Ride

Barcelona Road Cycling Group
Barcelona Road Cycling Group
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Hotel Arts

Carrer de Marina 19 - 21 · Barcelona

Cómo encontrarnos

Just down from hotel close to roundabout

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We'll be alternating between these two routes:

Odd weeks:
Even weeks:

You can check the current week number here:

The first is a bit longer with slightly less elevation, the second has more climbing over less overall distance. Overall they should be about the same difficulty, and should take around the same time - do keep in mind that the 3h duration is a placeholder, not something we'll have in mind.

Pace on flat road will be at least 25km/h, but the goal is for everyone to push themselves a bit - if you can go faster, do it, we're here to have fun while improving our cycling ;) We will stop at top of the climbs or other specific points and wait for anyone who's behind, so if you are a faster rider, be prepared to wait a bit if needed.

Please be aware of the route in case you want to break away from the group or get lost. If you get lost or decide to go back at some point, that's fine, but please let everyone else know, so we don't wait in vain.

Be sure to bring some water (we'll try to find some refill spots along the way), sunscreen, helmet and spares in case you need them.

Disclaimer stuff: this is just a bunch of people who share a hobby getting together, not a professional thing. It's up to you to take care of yourself, while being the best possible human being you can to others. The organizer's responsibilities are just 3: pick the date, pick the time, pick the route (which can be changed if attendees so decide).