Tuesday Evening Ride INTERMEDIATE

Barcelona Road Cycling Group
Barcelona Road Cycling Group
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Pl. de Lesseps, Barcelona

Pl. de Lesseps, Barcelona · Barcelona

Cómo encontrarnos

In front of Biblioteca Jaume Fuster https://goo.gl/maps/8uqkvkXJu7z

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Please join our weekly ride each Tuesday evening from April until mid/end of October. Aiming to loop round Collserola or Maresme hills with two or three climbs and be back in Barcelona at an outside cafe by 21.00.

Place of Departure: We leave from Plaza Lesseps: https://goo.gl/maps/8uqkvkXJu7z
On a few occasions we may select a different location depending on the route and will announce this beforehand, so please do check before joining. Routes will be posted in the comments below. It is recommended to load the route on your gps device or phone in case you get lost.

The minimum you'll need is a road bike in good condition, helmet, some water, energy bar or gel and a reasonable level of fitness. Remember to bring lights as early season and autumn rides will end in the dark. Front and tail lights charged to last 2+ hours. Be visible!

If you're unsure if it is for you, come and try it out!
The group generally breaks up on the climbs and descents and we regroup at the end of each. We'll wait about 5 minutes and may head off if the gap is too large. (If you are the one waiting for more than five minutes perhaps the Advanced group is for you?). So do make sure you understand where we will wait when we start a climb so you don’t get lost if you are at the back. If you are turning back at some point during the ride, please do let someone know, so the group does not need to wait unnecessarily.

Cruising speeds on the flats: 28~35Km/h
Speeds on the climbs: 15~20Km/h (5-8% gradient)

Also, if we do see someone struggling with the pace of difficulty, the organizer may discuss for the rider to return independently. If you are struggling or have a technical issue, do notify someone in the group. Although we avoid dropping riders, if we are unsure where someone left the group, we may not be able to wait.

Finally make sure you have downloaded the route to your GPS device or phone so in the event you get lost or behind you can find you way back home.