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The Company of Auckland Cellists is a group that meets on a semi-regular basis to play music written for Cellos. Meetings will focus on playing in Cello Quartets and Duo Form. Members are encouraged to work together to create and work on arrangements to play at these meet-ups. We hope to have some serious learning and light-hearted socialising! Players will be welcome to bring along their own music and share their ideas and musical thoughts. We will provide music before the event online.

Players who are new to the cello will enjoy learning and performing in a relaxed environment with other more experienced cellists.

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Play in the 2018 Annual Auckland Cello Festival!

Onehunga Community House

Aaron Minsky Venue has changed to Diocesan Girls, Entry $30

Diocesan School for Girls - Junior School Hall

30,00 AUD
The Annual Auckland Cello Festival 2017

Onehunga Community House