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Serve Lunch at Downtown Senior Center with Project Open Hand - 3 Volunteers
Project Open Hand is a partnership of volunteers, donors, and staff working to provide vital nourishment to people living with HIV/AIDS, seniors, and homebound individuals living with serious illness. They serve over 8,000 clients with a multitude of services that include meal delivery and pick up, weekly bags of groceries and hot lunches at senior sites. Volunteer Duties and Shift Lengths: Project Open Hand has 15 Community Nutrition Program (CNP) sites, plus one Adults with Disabilities (AWD) site, located across San Francisco. Volunteers at our meal sites help us create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for our senior and AWD clients. Specific duties during a volunteer shift may include registering clients for lunch, setting up the dining room, pre-meal prep, plating food, serving food and helping with clean-up after the meal. The volunteer shift lengths vary from location to location and range from 2 to 3.5 hours. Depending on the size of the CNP or AWD site, we typically take between 1 and 5 volunteers for a single volunteer shift. Food Safety: It is extremely important to maintain a high standard of cleanliness when we handle food. Dress appropriately in close-toed shoes, shirts with sleeves (no tank tops), pants that cover the full leg, and that you don't mind getting dirty. Suit up! Take an apron, hairnet, and gloves near the prep sink. Wash your hands with soap and warm water and replace your gloves every time you use the restroom, shake someone's hand, or switch from food preparation to cleaning. If you are sick or not feeling well, STAY HOME! Before arriving, please direct your browser to the release form which will also notify POH of your attendance: How to get to the senior center: The building is on the corner of O'Farrell and Jones. It's best to take public transit to the Powell Street Station and walk to the center.

Downtown Senior Center

481 O’Farrell Street · San Francisco, CA

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