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Hello Ladies! Welcome to Tree of Life Women's Group! This is a ministry for women in the Frederick, Urbana, Walkersville, MD areas who are wanting to strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ. If you're seeking to study the Bible, interested in strengthening your prayer life, enjoy nature/outdoors and appreciate God's creations, then this group is for you! We believe that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and the Bible is the Word of God. We believe that all things were created through Him. His presence and power is with us through His Holy Spirit.

Why is the group called "Tree of Life?" We believe that we are meant to grow strong in the Lord and produce fruit. Healthy trees give life and are deeply rooted. Likewise, we are to be rooted in Jesus Christ, grow strong, and to be fruitful (Psalm 1, John 15:16). This group is meant to strengthen you spiritually so that you can be a fruitful and powerful woman of God!


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