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Calling out those people that are interested in Technology, interested in learning to code or in Data Analytics and who would love to get their feet wet with some hands on free workshops! This group is intended for absolute beginners to coding who would like to practice some coding technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript; Wordpress, Seo and Data Analytics technologies. It's hosted by some our our lead mentors who have been working in the web development and Data Analytics scene for some years.

Ubiqum Code Academy itself offers intensive 5 month Java Web Developer and Data analytics programs that take students from 0 experience to a 100% employable level. The training is performed through a learning by doing methodology where you'll experience real projects and build up a portfolio, presentable to employers. Check out www.ubiqum.com (http://www.ubiqum.com/) for more details. Classes are full time 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.

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