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It is United Nations Friends 1st year Birthday today….
I just realised so i will make sure next year i do a big party….A Big Hug and thanks to everyone

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    Our originality is to share real moments together to get to know sincere and new people: U know there might be people important to your life that you haven´t met yet...People that might end up being your best friend or helping each other out,or even end up hiring each other or possibly a future partner. Whatever it is it´s a powerful thing that happens when people Meet Up... IT IS NEVER TO LATE TO ENJOY GETTING TO KNOW SOMEONE NEW....SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR....GET TYPING. We invite you to great events, such as..... Home dinner parties,Restaurants, Mojito Parties, Wine Tasting or beer tasting, Excursions, Sport Activities, Cooking, Lessons Dancing Parties,Bowling, Comedy clubs,Mini golf,Local Festivals Go karting, BBQs, light Hiking, Concerts, Holiday breaks, And were open to many more ideas.

    Our Meet up group is about enjoying new experiences with people you have not yet met or people you know or see on a regular basis.We welcome all ages, nationalities, single, married, gender, life is for living....and enjoying, so why not join us.

    So you are thinking why should we join this group? The answer is because We are two very good friends that met in Valencia and we love and care about people coming together. We also will return all emails, plan great meet ups, listen to what our members like, and plan good meeting places that are easy to find,No one will be left out, and hopefully ask when our next event will be.

    We did open a no more single group but then we realised we had people that would like to join our group, So we have changed our name and want to include everyone and anyone without being just one thing that limits us.