Lo que hacemos

This is a group for anyone interested in tabletop role-playing games looking for players and GMs to play in English.

Open to beginners, it's aimed at building a community of RPG enthusiasts in Valencia around any game or system.

Feel free to participate and suggest games, venues or any ideas to improve this Meetup group, use this space as you please to :

- meet players to form parties for a one-shot or campaign

- find additional players to fill a group

- organize events with multiple games/tables

- give feedback to improve this Meetup

For new players, here are some helpful resources :

https://youtu.be/Eo_oR7YO-Bw (talks about D&D but relevant for other games)


* Minors must be accompanied by a parent, please advise us prior to the session to adjust the game to a suitable audience, or plan ahead and discuss with us an appropriate game for the age group.

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