WoSEC Barcelona First 2020 Event

WoSEC Barcelona: Women of Security
WoSEC Barcelona: Women of Security
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Carrer de Pallars, 190

Carrer de Pallars, 190 · Barcelona

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At the reception ask for WoSEC Meetup.

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Hi everyone,

First meetup of 2020 will be a great event, where we prepare for the new year, with great talks, plans and an opportunity to get together with our infosec friends!! The meetup is an inclusive event, so everyone is invited!

We have 2 great talks, very different, one concerning DevSecOps and one about Privacy!! We will have some diverse discussions afterwards, surely!!

The meetup will take place at Glovo offices, in Barcelona 22@.

Webinar of the meetup: https://glovoapp.zoom.us/j/108667080


***Baking AMIs with AWS image builder
by Pol Valletbó - Security Engineer @ Glovo

One of the steps of our path towards having autonomous development teams is giving them the choice of building their own images that will serve their service. Our goal is to give them freedom to build whatever they want, but at the same time being able to control the software installed so we can be sure that the image is secure enough.
In this talk, we will explain and share our experience achieving this goal by using a freshly released EC2 Image Builder from Amazon.

***Privacidad versus funcionalidad: nuevos retos para la Ciberseguridad
by Rosa Ortuño Melero - CEO OptimumTIC and Chief Compliance Officer

Parece que en la era digital tanto empresas como usuarios deben escoger entre comodidad, evolución y funcionalidad, en detrimento de la privacidad. Pero, ¿porque no podemos tenerlo todo? Los nuevos retos en ciberseguridad nos llevan a considerar conceptos como privacy by design, para crear modelos win-win y garantizar la seguridad y la privacidad de la información.

After the talks we will have time for chatting, telling stories and share tips and tricks!

Snacks and drinks will be provided by Glovo!!

See you on the 6th of February!!