Lo que hacemos

Show up, be introduced and get your work done alongside a small group of dynamic people in order to maximise your productivity, find inspiration, network, make friends, share, and… collaborate!

Best of all, you will get real life high-fives for all the awesome you do.

Every hour and a half we take 10 minute breaks to socialise and have fun ! Work and fun go (finally!) together.

We ‘officially’ end our working day at 2pm, although you are free to leave earlier or stay until late!

This club is part of A Redeira (https://aredeira.gal/)a initiative of the Local Government of Pontevedra (http://www.pontevedra.gal/). The mail goal of this project, inspired in La Colaboradora (http://www.zaragoza.es/ciudad/sectores/activa/lacolaboradora/default.htm) by Zaragoza Activa, is to promote the collaborative economy with a professional bank of time.