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ZEIT (https://zeit.co) is making the cloud accessible to everyone, regardless of their location or choice of tools:

• With ZEIT Now, they created the easiest platform to deploy any website or app

• With Next.js, they made it dead simple to create high-performance, production-grade React apps

• With Hyper, they created a blazingly fast web-based terminal anyone can use

This ZEIT India Community is a forum for users of ZEIT products in India. We gather to talk not just about ideas and technology from ZEIT, but anything related to the web:

— Technical or Non-Technical

— UI library / frameworks like ReactJS, Vue, Angular, Svelte, etc

— Traditional data storage such as MongoDB, as well as non-traditional options such as Airtable

— Node.js, PHP, Go, Python

Here are two non-technical tech talks:



If you're interested to speaking at one of our events, please fill out this form - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdRW37xnoGwUbF11n1y1LimGA5NXB9pPkYuDMYTkUJlCShdbg/viewform

New speakers are completely welcome. Assistance is provided to anyone who feels hesitant to speak and needs a helping hand. Please join the group if you would like to attend the upcoming meetups and learn together as a community.

If you would like to sponsor one of the meetups, please drop a message at amandeepsingh.bajwa@gmail.com

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Open Source Development - Learn how to make a career out of it!

We all use open source softwares, directly and indirectly. Sarup from ZEIT HQ is in Delhi and is a long time open source contributor in popular repositories like Babel, Fedora, amongst others. We have a chance to meet him in person and learn a lot from his experience, get guidance from him, learn more on how to become an efficient open source contributor, and of course, also learn more about ZEIT and numerous open source projects it run. Knowing that it's Diwali time, please suggest who all would be available for a Meetup in Gurgaon on 26th Oct, 2019 by doing a genuine RSVP here. In case the RSVPs are less, we would re-schedule this event but Sarup may not be available in person and we would have to request for a remote session.

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