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De qué se trata

If you are looking for a workout that is:

  • gaining strength and flexibility
  • protecting your joints
  • better posture
  • accompanied by a breathing technique that fuels the efficacy
  • educates your body to a more effective joint and muscle functionality
  • cross-training to your regular workout
  • enjoying fresh air
  • you just feel great in your body after the session

then you are very welcome to this group 🤗

Pilates is a revolutionary method that not only restores your mobility, but also creates strong muscles without adding volume but better functionality and elasticity. The special breathing technique is not only improves your oxygenation but calms your nervous system and helps you to concentrate and be present in your body, doing the workout in a conscious way.

The exercises are adaptable for different levels, even for injuries - just please contact me and inform me about it.

See you soon☀️

Rita Salima
Certified trainer Pilates Mat | Reformer | Barre
Dance teacher