Wednesday Night Boardgames at the Muted Horn in Neukölln

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Welcome to the weekly Wednesday night boardgame meetup at the Muted Horn! :)


Please RSVP if you plan to come so that we can reserve enough tables for everyone.

The bar is located very close to U-Bahnhof Boddinstrasse.

What if I come late?

We continously start new games all the time. No worries. There will be places free.

What if I am new to boardgames?

No worries. We usually explain the games beforehand and play a variety of games. Regulars are quite helpful in any questions. Just come and try it out!

The bar has some boardgames already such as 7 wonders and settlers of catan. You are welcome to bring your own.

As a general rule, English is the preferred language. Depending on the game, games in German are fine. The crowd tends to be more international so English tends to be the lingua franca.


This is hosted in a bar, so at least order a drink. They have to pay their bills too, otherwise, it won't last in the long run.