Bitcoin Basics #5: Sarah Wiesner - Governance in Bitcoin

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18:30-19:00 - Gathering
19:00-20:00 - Governance in Bitcoin (Sarah Wiesner)

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that no one controls, but it's development is managed by individuals who must somehow reach consensus.

In this talk , we will try to understand the following questions:

What is the importance of the governance system in Bitcoin?
What is the possibility for one factor to take control over the development of new software versions in Bitcoin? (for example miners, node operators big companies) and if so, how?
How is upgrading and improvement of the Cryptocurrency protocol is handled, and why is it important?
What is the difference between different methods of governance in Open Blockchain based cryptocurrencies?
How do we keep things transparent and fair in the development process of new Bitcoin versions?
Who is it different or similar to methods of governance we know in everyday life?

Sarah Wiesner is an ambassador at the Bitcoin embassy in Tel Aviv, and an activist in the Israeli Bitcoin community.

The talk will be given in Hebrew.

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Location: toi.lab, Montefiore 31 Tel Aviv.

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