Lo que hacemos

Regular get-togethers (co-working, lunches, evening events) for freelancers, entrepreneurs, developers, writers, bloggers, digital nomads, designers.

Barcelona Freelancer Meetup aims to be an inspiring and supportive community where you can enjoy the company of like minded people, and share the experiences, joys and challenges of working outside the 9 to 5 schedule.

Many freelancers and entrepreneurs spend a lot of time on their own, and don't always have an immediate environment of entrepreneurial spirit, or a group of people with whom they can meet during daytime, be it for a coffee or a chat, and our by now old-time favourite: working together in a café.

Barcelona Freelancer Meetup connects you with people with similar life styles, so that you can truly benefit from the advantages of a freelance community.

See you at the next Meetup!

We are just starting on this space so... you can whattsapp me to join 652116550.


Quedadas grupales para co.working, comidas para freelance emprendedores escritores y diseñadores

Barcelona espacio de contrabajo quiere crear un espacio donde trabajar entre 9 de la mañana y 5 de la tarde.

Muchas personas trabajamos nosotros solos así que es agradable poder trabajar acompañado o incluso tomar cafe.

Podemos conectar nuestro estilo de trabajo y estilo de vida.

Estamos empezando en todo este proyecto así que para unirte puedes whattsapearme al 652116550.