#Nomad Talks: How to become location independent... and live a life with purpose

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Welcome to the first Smart Entrepreneurs Meetup in town!

We are joining forces and team up with Smart Entrepreneurs Barcelona for this event tonight.

If you want to know who else will join us on the meetup check their group website on:

https://www.meetup.com/Smart-Entrepreneurs-Barcelona (http://www.meetup.com/codino)

The event takes place at Depot Lab Coworking Space.

It's going to be mini-conference style, with different speakers talking about location independent lifestyle, remote working hacks, career shifting and the future of work.

Our speakers will be:

Kaye Pi - 3 Steps to Living a Life of Purpose

Are you successful in your career yet find that something is missing? Have you ever wondered if there was more to life than work? In this mini-workshop, you will discover the driving forces behind your decisions and leave with practical actions which will radically improve the quality of your life.

Kaye is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and leadership coach who helps dynamic people focus on their true passions and live full, authentic and meaningful lives.
A true believer of reinvention, she uses her experience in multinational companies from FMCGs, engineering to investment banking to enable her clients to make radical shifts in their careers and lifestyles Jürgen Lotz - more details coming soon

Lea Houben – Your future is a blank page; start designing it now!

Lea, an International Talent Consultant who is originally from the German Dutch/Belgian border, has studied and worked back in past in the UK and lives now, since 1.5 years, in beautiful Barcelona will share an insight what hiring managers will have to say!

Lea been an avid follower of developments regarding the Future of Work and how digital nomads and remote working shape the labour landscape in a globalised world, she will provide insight about the fact that