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With this meetup group I love to bring you in contact with your authentic self.
I work on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels in different ways.

I find it interesting to organize meetings, events, retreats and VIP Intensive day(s) with different themes related to inner growth, communication, female and masculine energy, relaxation, relations / family, sexuality and so on.

Qualities and skills are;
- Aromatherapy, the lovely powerful healing essential oils from Holland 
- Coaching & Therapy / hypno- past life- reincarnationtherapy / NLP / EMDR / Matrix Methode
- Dance in Balance 
- Healing; Reiki - Magnetics and other 
energy work
- Holistic Massages; aromatherapy full-body - footreflexologie - sportmassage - Tantra
- Meditations 
- Natural Rituals.

I am Alexandra Langeveld, Dutch, Polyenergetic Coach/Therapist, intuitive healer, Reiki master, Holistic Masseur and Licensed facilitator of “Dance in Balance”, with a lot of years of clinical and Social Work, coach/therapy, personal guidance and spiritual experience. 
”I am very grateful to guide people with there inner journey, free themselves of their fears, blockages and trauma to the balance into different levels of there life.
Every person is unique and every person can grow inwardly.”

Everybody deserve a Happy, Healthy and Wealthy life !
Do you have a suggestion let me know!

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This is possible in 8-9 week cyclus - retreats - programs - special events.

“DANCE IN BALANCE” classes were given on different locations. It's also possible mobile / on location - minimum 5 persons (the organizer is free) 

The music resonates deeply with each of your seven chakras, the energy centers that integrate and regulate your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies. Experience your chakras as you enter into a dynamic moving meditation through spontaneous Free Movement Dance. Alexandra guides you with specific visualizations. 
You discover a deeper connection to your authentic self, the unraveling of blocked energy and the feeling of coming home.

Drawing on the wisdom of Jungs Psychology, “Dance in Balance” is a dance for healing and self-discovery. Each dance gives rise to different insights and feelings… and … we use the creation of personal ‘mandala art’ as a way of anchoring our experiences back into our conscious world.

Dive in and Explore your inner world, Find meaning, Free yourself and have Fun!Experience all of this in a community of like-minded people!

AWAKENING - JOURNEYING - FREEDOM - 8/9 week cyclus and retreats

Dance of the Chakras - Journey through each of your chakras and experience the energetic vibrations.  As you focus inward, dance the experience and expressions of each chakra.

Dance of Mother Earth is tribal dancing, as found in the indigenous cultures of Africa, Australia and North America.  These dances are linked to our roots, survival and grounding.

Dance of Sensuality relates to the feminine dances found in the Middle East, South America and Hawaii. Dances from these regions celebrate many of the qualities associated with the sacral, including emotions and sexuality. In this sensual dance the connecting force of Eros is evoked.

Dance of Power is to call on the warrior dances of the Maori, ancient Morocco, Spain, Mexico, Brazil. These warrior dances were masculine, powerful, athletic and virile, as they rhythmically mimicked the art of the fight. Fast dynamic movements ignite the fire in our belly, fueling our dance with energy and strength.

Dance of Love is to move with lightness, joy and compassion, as reflected in dances from ancient Spain, Egypt and China. Many of these dances used exaggerated arm movements to gently whirl into deep states of joyful harmony. We dance a soaring journey of love, compassion and joy.

Dance of Expression have been inspired by many ancient dances. So many cultures all over the planet interweave the voice and dance to increase the awareness of spirit. We weave sound and movement in a ‘mantra-dance’ which intensifies our self-expression and creativity.

Dance of Intuition lift up into ecstatic and altered states of consciousness through trance-dance, this is hugely popular throughout the world. This is the dance of the intuitive mind. Each dancer drifts into his or her own visual universe of images, colors, and insights, achieving a deeply meditative state.

The Dance of the Soul is a devotional dance, one in a long line of dances that embrace the religious and the spiritual. In ancient Shamanic practice dance was used to commune with the spirits. This is a dancing prayer; our soul’s turn to dance.

Dance of the integration, the connection, the balance between and within each of the seven chakras.  Reflect on the journey and your experience of your chakras and experience the integration in the dance.


Would you like more information or register for a class, treatment or retreat? 

Contact Alexandra T: +34 657 939 635 or e-mail