Architecture of Storj decentralized object storage




< A presentation of the architecture of Storj decentralized object storage>

Storj is a company that has built a completely open source decentralized object storage.

The network is formed by a big community of operators, named Storj Node Operators, who offer storage space and network bandwidth to the network.

Storj incentives the Storj Node Operators for their contributed storage space and network bandwidth.

The network is AWS S3 compatible and is pursuing to achieve the same or even better service layer agreements than AWS S3 at a cheaper price in terms of storage and bandwidth, all thanks to the great community of Storage Node Operators.

In this event, I will expose the architecture of the network and the challenges that decentralized network storage presents in comparison with the ones that are not exposed to a centralized one.

This meetup is organized by Caelum Labs.
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##Preliminary agenda
19.00h - Welcome
19.15h - A presentation of the architecture of Storj decentralized object storage
19.45h - Libraries explanation / live coding
20.00h - Q&A and Beers, thanks to Estrella Damm :)

## About the Speaker - Ivan Fraixedes

Ivan es a senior software engineer currently working at Storj Labs. In the last years, He's been working in several start-ups building different kinds of products.