IOTA - Moving Beyond Blockchain

IOTA Barcelona
IOTA Barcelona
Grupo público

Espacio mVenturesBcn (C2) en Pier01

Plaça de Pau Vila, 1, 08039 Barcelona, Barcelona , Barcelona · Barcelona

Cómo encontrarnos

Take underground line L3 to Barceloneta, city bus or train (Estación de Francia)

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IOTA is a third generation cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology that does not use blockchain to reach consensus. Come to the first official IOTA Ecosystem Barcelona Meetup and learn how the Tangle, the technology behind IOTA, can offer fast, secure and free transactions without miners.

The Meetup has a 10€ entrance fee that will be refunded in IOTA tokens a few days after the event. Please download and install the Trinity wallet before the event at and show your IOTA address on the registration table so we can send you the tokens.

18:00 Reception and attendee registration
18:30 Welcome Speech by Ricard Royo (IEN & IOTA Barcelona Meetup Organizer)
18:40 "The Tangle & IOTA Foundation vision" by Andrea Villa (security specialist from the IOTA Foundation)
19:00 "Qubic & Trading of Financial Instruments" by Miguel Díaz (Blockchain architect at & IEN member)
19:20 "IOTA History, Current IOTA Research and Q&A" (live streaming) by Serguei Popov (IOTA cofounder and IF board member)
19:40 "Tangle & IOT Use Cases" by David Belgoff (Darco.Tech)
20:00 Food & Drinks

Andrea Villa, security specialist from the IOTA Foundation will introduce us to IOTA, its consensus mechanism and the IOTA Foundation vision.

Miguel Díaz, Blockchain architect at & IOTA Evangelist will talk about Qubic (smart contracts and distributed computing) and a specific use for the trading of financial instruments industry.

Serguei Popov, professor of mathematics at the University of Campinas, cofounder and author of the IOTA white paper, will offer us an online presentation and Q&A about IOTA history and current research.

David Belgoff, CEO of Darco.Tech will present us with some real world use cases for the Tangle and explain us why IOTA is a better DLT for IOT applications.

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