Chinese - Spanish exchange (gratis!) | 话痨会


We get together every Thursday to practice speaking 中文 and español over drinks and tapas. All levels welcome.


At Orio BORN, right in front of Santa Caterina Market, a minute away from the Cathedral (L1 / L4 Urquinaona; L4 Jaume I).

The nice folks at Orio offer a wide variety of drinks at very 公道 prices, and several food choices are also available (scorpionfish pintxos, anyone?).


We start at 9pm and usually stay until past 11. The structure of the exchange is very flexible so it's not a problem if you can't make it on time.


We meet new people, chat in the language we want to practice and help other 话痨s with the language they're learning. The event is very informal, and all levels are welcome.

We'd love for everyone to be able to have interesting conversations beyond the usual "¿estudias o trabajas?" or "你中文学了多久了?" That's why on each table you'll find different games, props, pictures and questions designed to break the ice, spark lively debates and get everyone to challenge their language skills. At any time, you'll be able to switch tables to meet new people and try your hand at different conversation topics.

A few of us will be helping organize the event and we'll happily assist you with any language-related doubts that might pop up. If it's your first time, be sure to come say hi so we can get to know you!


Yeah, admission is free! We do ask, however, for a 1 purchase minimum (drink or food) so that hosting this event can be sustainable for our friends at Orio.



¡Os esperamos todos los jueves!