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Building an intercultural COLLECTIVE IDENTITY
Activating Arabic-Speaking migrant community in Spain to create spaces for everyone

Kudwa Social Club
A space for people to plan and lead their own sessions and events and share their experiences and expertise. a series of discussions and sessions, both formal and informal meetups where everyone can learn new skills and grow in a safe environment.

The objective is to activate community members and encourage them to take ownership of creating regular events that have value to all members of this club. To make event creation more collaborative and democratic. And to provide a space for people to access a community that they can help shape.

Who should join?
Only the Club members can create, vote for, and lead events. We will then post it here so that anyone who is not a club member can join the events
The club will be in English but, one of the club rules is If anyone is having trouble with language, everyone should be prepared to help translate and explain what is happening


Club Rules: 
- It is a safe space for everyone to participate and lead sessions without judgment
- Active listening is a skill we all should have
- Themes are completely open to whatever you are passionate about - In order to create a safe and inclusive space, we prefer to stay away from political or religious themes, because they can be polarizing and exclusionary.
- We are interested and bettered by the opinions of all no matter race, gender, sexual orientation, language, origin, etc..
- No one will be excluded from sharing their thoughts and everyone needs to be asked (but not forced) if they would like to participate
- If anyone is having trouble with language, everyone should be prepared to help translate and explain what is happening

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Karaoke Intercultural 2

Inusual Project

Don't miss out on the second edition of the Intercultural Karaoke event this Thursday! A space for dialogue, where music is a tool to discover and celebrate the diversity of our cultures. RSVP now! #interculturalkaraoke #diversity #singalong

Mediterranea BCN y Kudwa lanzan la segunda edición de:
Karaoke Intercultural.

Un espacio intercultural para poder cantar tu canción favorita en el idioma que tú eliges.
Un espacio de diálogo, Donde la música es una herramienta para descubrir y celebrar la diversidad de nuestras culturas.
No te preocupes, si te da vergüenza cantar, siempre podrás hacer de coro, bailar o simplemente escuchar y pasártelo bien.
Usaremos nuevamente la modalidad de taquilla inversa, y destinaremos los ingresos de la noche a las próximas misiones de Mediterránea, y a donaciones para las víctimas del terremoto en Siria.
Spoiler: En la última edición, se cantaron más de 50 canciones en español, francés, árabe, italiano, inglés...🎤
¿Te esperamos?

Mediterranea BCN and Kudwa launch the second edition of:
Intercultural Karaoke.
An intercultural space to sing your favorite song in the language of your choice.
A space for dialogue, where music is a tool to discover and celebrate the diversity of our cultures.
Don't worry. If you are embarrassed to sing, you can always act in a choir, dance, or just listen and have fun.
We will again use the reverse box office modality, and we will allocate the proceeds of the evening to Mediterránea's upcoming missions and to donations for the victims of the earthquake in Syria.
Spoiler: In the last edition, more than 50 songs were sung in Spanish, French, Arabic, Italian, Italian, English...🎤
Are we waiting for you?

Mediterranea BCN i Kudwa llancen la segona edició del Karaoke Intercultural. Un espai intercultural per poder cantar la teva cançó preferida a l'idioma que tu tries. Un espai de diàleg on la música és una eina per descobrir i celebrar la diversitat de les nostres cultures. No et preocupis, si et fa vergonya cantar, sempre podràs fer de cor, ballar o simplement escoltar i passar-t'ho bé. Useremo novament la modalitat de taquilla inversa, i destinarem els ingressos de la nit a les properes missions de mediterrània ia donacions per a les víctimes del terratrèmol a Síria. Spoiler: a la darrera edició, es van cantar més de 50 cançons en espanyol, francès, àrab, italià, anglès...🎤

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