The New Brixton Vegan Walkabout!


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Farringdon Station (Stop A)

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NEW ROUTE ~> We will gather outside Farringdon Station from 12.30 to 12.45pm then hop on first train to Herne hill to change there for Sydenham hill :)

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After over 6 years of organising the Walkabout, I thought it would be a good idea to make a few changes, to re-fresh and add some more Walking to the Walkabout :)

My idea is we will walk to Brixton, which will enable us to really explore the back streets & parks, then enjoy a late lunch/dinner wherever we like, then after lunch, some of us may like to chill out in Brockwell Park, or head to a pub if the weather's bad, or carry on Walking, taking a different route home :)

Bring Water & Vegan snacks for the Walk :)

Approximate times (may run later; updates will appear in the comments)[masked]pm
We'll gather outside Farringdon , then get first train to Herne Hill, hop off and get first train to Sydenham Hill.

We'll wait 10 minutes for latecomers meeting us there :)

We'll set off by 2pm *depends how quickly we get our connecting train, we may get there before 2 *

We'll head through Sydenham Hill wood, a lovely little nature reserve , then, at the other end we'll cross main road and head down to Dulwich Park, which has lovely lakes and a big cafe we can rest at ; then we can cross over to the local gallery, going through the park at the back to cut through to Bel air park, which has a very old house and nice fields.

Well exit and take a lane and side street up to Herne hill, take in Brockwell park and then take the back streets to central Brixton :)

After late lunch/dinner, depending on the weather, we may go to ~>


Or other pubs include;
MARKET HOUSE, PRINCE ALBERT (All three on Coldharbour Lane, near Ms Cupcake)

Or, if the weather's nice, we could go back & chill out in...

(Which is near two pubs, HOOTENNANY & EFFRA SOCIAL, or further afield, at Brixton Hill, there's THE WHITE HORSE *nice pub, good playlist*

Or, we can carry on enjoying exploring & walking :)

Here's a list of Vegan delights in the markets & local area;

Things are changing at the market in Brixton Station Road, but, you may find;

Deep fried pizza , near Craft beer co. Brixton station road

Coming Soon *Soul food*

Burgers, hotdogs and more!

SABA's ETHIOPIAN STALL ~> Mostly Vegan options, including spicy lentil, potato & salad dishes, with fermented Injera bread or rice

PICKY WOPS ~> At Brixton Village & at The Queen's Head, Stockwell Road

Covered markets;
HALO ~> New Vegan Diner in Pop Brixton

HABESHA VILLAGE ~> New Vegan Ethiopian place in Brixton Village covered market

ORACLES ORGANIC JUICE BAR ~> 6th Avenue, Brixton Village, just round corner from Habesha, features wholesome salads, sandwiches, cakes, juices and more *sometimes not always open though*

EAT OF EDEN ~> Vegan Carribean cafe with wraps, burgers or platters from 4 to 8 portions of curries, ackee, wheat meat, plantain & more, PLUS raw desserts, juices & teas :)

LA FAUXMAGERIE ~> Round corner from Oracles & Habesha, brand new first ever all Vegan Cheesemonger!

Nearby ~>>
BRIXTON WHOLEFOODS ~> Has loads of vegan dry goods, fresh tofu, vegan cheeses, & fresh vegan friendly pastries & cakes

MS CUPCAKE ~> Cupcakes galore, chocolate bars, ice cream, vegan cheese and deli vegan meats, plus fresh savoury sandwiches, vegan sausage rolls & cupcake making accessories :)

And 10 min walk away, up Acre Lane;
BLANK BRIXTON ~> Vegan sausage rolls, cookies, cakes, breakfasts, hot and cold drinks :)

And further up the road, up Brixton Hill ~>
KATAKATA ~> Vegan friendly gallettes & juices, plus a couple of vegan beers in a lovely music and art gallery venue

See you soon South of the River!