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Sunday morning Kundalini Yoga!
Kundalini Yoga is known as the yoga of awareness, designed to awaken and develop our innate creativity, consciousness, and spirituality. In these Sunday morning sessions, we will increase flexibility and nerve strength, engage the subconscious, cut through the ego, improve our circulation and energy flow, and learn about breath techniques (pranayam), chanting and sound vibration (mantra/naad), hand position and focus points (mudra/drishti), body postures (asana), and more. Each session involves a physical component, meditation, and deep relaxation (often to the sound of a gong). Water and tea are provided, as are some yoga mats. Please bring a blanket, sheepskin or other meditation cushion, and any bolster or prop you may need - or just your radiant self! $20 drop in, $15 or less with pass - just inquire! Cash or card accepted.

New Moon Wellness

219 Loudoun St SE · Leesburg, VA

20,00 US$
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Lo que hacemos

If you are looking for a path that walks many facets of holistic wellness, you are in the right place...

Through a variety of MeetUps, including herbal workshops and plant journeying, Kundalini meditations, therapeutic sound experiences, workshops on shamanic topics, and creativity sparkers, New Moon embodies a dynamic approach to wellness that seeks to elevate consciousness and stimulate growth. Our goal is to enable an experience of the infinite, both external and internal.

Consider joining us for one of the following topics:

SOUND MEDITATION & HEALING :: Enjoy an evening of therapeutic sound from a variety of instruments, including 99.9% pure quartz crystal singing bowls, Tibetan meditation bowls, chimes, gongs, tuning forks, and more. This symphonic journey is ideal for those who seek deep relaxation, rejuvenation, and inner alignment, a journey through a world of sound vibration for a deeply resonant cellular experience that will leave you feeling rested and connected! Sound has been known to have a therapeutic effect on the listener for anything from physical injury to emotional trauma.

REIKI & SHAMANIC REIKI :: Reiki shares and services are offered, as well as Reiki and Shamanic Reiki classes to become a practitioner yourself. If you have yet to experience the healing modality of Reiki, give it a shot! Much like the vibrations in sound healing, Reiki is a passive energy experience that works best when you invite it and set the intention of letting it flow through you, attending to whatever may ail you or need an energetic boost.

HERBAL CONSULTATIONS & WORKSHOPS :: Have you ever taken a journey to the spirit of a plant or herb? Are you interested in learning how herbs can aid your physical and emotional health? You might enjoy a MeetUp for a private consultation or a short, experiential workshop demonstrating various ways to access plant consciousness... or perhaps an herbal cooking and foraging hike and class, or an herbal product workshop wherein you learn make a hydrosol, lotion, salve, and more, discovering another way that plants can nurture.




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