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'Raising Thoughts': setting limits
setting limits: At what age do you start with it? do you need to use a time-out-spot or not? Is it better to distract or no? and what to do if your child is throwing him/herself on the floor in the supermarket? And besides that it's not always easy to be consistent when your tired or when your child actually makes you laugh. Come and join our Raising Thoughts meeting to talk about all this with each other while drinking a nice cup of coffee in the mean time. • What to bring Your interest in the topic and questions if you do have them. The cost will be 5 euro, which includes a drink. • Important to know The idea is to exchange ideas, have open conversations with respect for everybody's opinion.

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Hello everybody,

(español abajo)

welcome at our meetup 'raising thoughts'. This meetup will be a meeting point for parents to meet and talk about specific 'raising' topics. All this guided by (child)psychologists who will introduce a topic and will be there for questions, doubts and discussions. We like to meet in a cafeteria in Valencia on Monday mornings. We propose every week a topic (ideas are welcome of course) and we prepare an introduction. After the introduction we continue talking about it together in a relaxed atmosphere while we're drinking a coffee. In the end we will give a short summary of the morning.

Why do we do this? Being a parent is a lot of fun, but it isn't always easy. In the rush of everyday life sometimes you forget to think about the way you are raising your child. And we all come across questions we don't know exactly how to deal with. You can talk with friends and family about it, but sometimes they aren't nearby or sometimes you don't want their advice. Especially being an expat it can be difficult sometimes. As well we do believe prevention is better than curing. So that's why we organize this. We would like to create an atmosphere where we can think and talk together about specific topics and how to deal them. We would like it to be an open and respectful conversation. We can share our experiences and help each other.

This is the way it works: We meet every Monday in a cafeteria, one week we do it in English, the other week in Spanish. We let you on forehand know what the topic will be. You sign up in the event on meetup, so we know how many people are coming. When you arrive you pay 5 euro, which includes a drink. And that's it!

Will you join us?

Hola a todos,

Bienvenidos a nuestro meetup ‘raising thoughts’! Este meetup va a ser un sitio de encuentro para padres para hablar sobre diferentes temas de crianza de los hijos. Todo eso guiado por psicólogas/psicopedagogas que introducirán un tema, Estarán allí para contestar preguntas, dudas y discusiones. Nos encontraremos cada lunes por la mañana en una cafetería en Valencia. Cada semana propondremos un tema y lo introduciremos. Luego seguiremos hablando sobre el tema en un buen ambiente, con un buen café. Al final se hará un resumen de la mañana.

Porque lo hacemos? Ser padre/madre es algo muy especial y bonito, pero no siempre es fácil. En la vida cotidiana no siempre tenemos tiempo para pensar En la crianza de nuestros hijos. Pero todos nosotros encontramos momentos difíciles en la vida con los niños. Podemos preguntar a nuestros amigos y familia para que nos ayuden, pero a veces no es suficiente con sus opiniones. Ya sabes, no tienes que inventar soluciones creativas por ti mismo ya que hay padres que quizás han vivido lo mismo que tú y que tienen buenas ideas para compartir. Así podemos aprender de otros. como psicólogas creemos que prevenir es mejor que curar. Y por eso organizamos estos eventos: para hablar en buen ambiente, con respeto por el otro, sobre temas de crianza. Compartimos experiencias y ayudamos al otro.

Como funciona? Es muy simple. Cada lunes por la mañana nos encontramos en una cafetería. Una semana lo hacemos en español, la otra en inglés. Nosotros te proponemos el tema con antelación. Te apuntas por meetup. Cuando llegas, pagas 5 euros, que incluye la entrada y una bebida. Y esta!

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