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SDiOS (San Diego iOS Developers) was founded in 2010 and is now a unified group under CyberTECH (http://cybertechnetwork.org/). SDiOS is dedicated to sharing & learning about app development for Apple iOS devices. Its mission is to bring visionaries, developers, artist & business/marketing folks together to create & promote great apps.

Formal SDiOS Meetings are held on the 4th Monday of each month (except no formal meetings in December due to holidays). These meetings include educational presentations on a variety of topics from our ICAM theme (Ideas, Coding, Art & Marketing). Some time is available both before & after presentations for professional/social networking. After these meeting some gather informally for dinner/desert/drinks & more socializing at a nearby eatery.

Meeting topics can cover anything even indirectly related to iOS Development and our ICAM Theme: inspirational ideas (creative thinking about what a good/worthwhile/successful app should be); any aspect of code development (native, cross-platform or backend); various forms of art asset creation or UI/UX design; marketing / business management tips - even tips on how to attract new clients / impress potential employers.

Ideally SDiOS will facilitate local enthusiasts with diverse skills forming relationships and collaborating on app development projects. Many times those looking for help or to hire find those who are looking for clients or jobs and visa-versa.

Whether you are a professional, hobbyist, beginner or just curious – all are welcome at SDiOS!

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SDiOS #100 - Bluetooth Products/Hardware/Interfacing

La Jolla Village Square

PLEASE NOTE: NEW (FREE) LOCATION - La Jolla Village Square Mall! For this meeting we are planning to have 3 separate 20-minute presentations from 3 different presenters - all on the theme of Bluetooth. We will post a more detailed ad soon, but for now, here is the agenda: Presenter #1 will show a new hardware product he invented that interfaces to iPhones using Bluetooth. Presenter #2 will talk about various Bluetooth hardware options and their iOS development kits. Presenter #3 will demo interfacing to Bluetooth devices on iOS devices using Swift. We are still looking for Presenter #3 to complete this agenda. We have some sample code that could serve as a base for this demo. So if anyone is willing and able to do this for us, please contact us ASAP: [masked] Thanks, Jeff Rutan & Ray Fix

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SDiOS #99 - Open Q&A / Show & Tell

La Jolla Village Square

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