Lo que hacemos

Calling all small business owners and entrepreneurs in Loudoun County and surrounding area! Let's get together, in person, and talk about our challenges, or "what's keeping us up at night." Often the businesses are different, but at the core the challenges are the same. There is power in meeting with others who understand your excitement in business as well as your challenges. We'll meet, talk about your challenges, and have the group weigh in on possible solutions. And we'll celebrate our successes! Owning your own small business is exciting, but it can also be lonely, especially if you have left a government or large corporate job. No worries. This group can help you make the transition and weather the changes.

Our format will vary to keep things interesting. We will have workshops, speakers, jelly co-work sessions, and maybe some road trips. Suggestions?????!!!

Contact Robin@startuptogrowth.com with suggestions. See you around our small business community!