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Viva Mexico Tia Lupita Restaurant
As many members requested, our next dinner is scheduled at Viva Mexico. Family owned and excellent traditional Mexican food. Three tables with six diners per table. Eating family style, order based on who actually attends. Will order 5 main courses and 2 appetizers per table (assuming 6 diners per table). Main Courses will include Chile en Nagada, Pozole and more. If you have a main course you would like to have added, email me [masked]. If you need a ride from the village, will meet at the Pemex next to Pancho's Deli. For a ride, email [masked]. This is NOT the last Thursday of the month, but is the last Saturday. Viva Mexico is closed on Thursdays. buen provecho

Viva Mexico Tia Lupita Restaurant

Porfiro Diaz 92 · San Juan Cosalá

Respuesta antes del: 28/9/2018

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    Lo que hacemos

    To create opportunities to expand relationships and sample restaurants; while fostering and promoting dining out at Lakeside restaurants. Lakeside includes everything between Jocotepec and Chapala.

    1. Members welcome to suggest a venue, assist in planning and/or to be an organizer
    2. Eat family style providing a wide sampling of food and to simplify payment
    3. Order drinks individually and pay as you order or run a tab individually
    4. No checks or credit cards, please don’t come with just a 500 peso bill
    5. RSVP required. If more RSVP than capacity, will be placed on standby
    6. Unable to attend dinner, communicate 48 hours before the event, or will be a No Show
    7. No show more than 2 times, subject to removal from the group
    8. Dinners scheduled for 4:00pm on the last Thursday of the month
    9. Organizer responsible to select restaurant, determine capacity, send out invites and select menu

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