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Arch n Over
This is a cross-posting with the Jornada group. Please only sign up on one site From Alamogordo Canyon trailhead we will take a rough trail up to Arch Canyon. After scrambling up the boulders in that cut, we will traverse over to the top of Rap Cut. At that time, we will make a decision as to whether we continue on up Rap Steppes and exit Deadman or alternatively we could simply traverse over to Deadman from the top of Rap Cut. You should probably bring more water than you think you will need - long pants, gloves and a hat are recommended There will be Boulders. There will be rocks. There will be cactus and hopefully some wildlife as always, by showing up at the trailhead you are promising to blame no one for anything

Alamo Canyon Trailhead (t104)

Alamo Canyon Road 32.863696, -105.919251 · Alamogordo, NM

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    Hidden in the local canyons, winding around the nearby ridges... hiking routes abound!

    We come together to share the information and experiences to be celebrated out and about on these routes. Hiking is the emphasis, but Trail Work... Mountain Biking...Backpacking... Route Documentation... and Discussion Groups (especially on the cross relationships relative to health and aging!) are all part of the potentials of coming together in and through this Meetup.

    Ideally, we can grow a steady calendar of weekly events for recreation and training.

    We welcome folks to Join us as Event Organizers: post your hikes, bike rides, Runs... any Fitness related event!


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