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" Finding your true self " Open seminar for; everyone in need of clarity on his/her path in life, everyone interested in personal growth, everyone who experience a feeling of being lost everyone who has psycho-emotional or physical suffering. Motivation " Authenticity does not need approval, it is beauty on its own! " Theme? We all are the outcome of a previous generation, characterized by inner (thoughts, visions, convictions, beliefs…) and outer (family, education, social, cultural and political…) influences that have conditioned us. The ongoing awakening consciousness brings the awareness along that we can’t possible be our experiences neither the assumed values nor norms we derived from them. For the simple reason, there is always someone who has experienced them. Mistakenly we have identified (consciously or unconsciously) with these experiences, out of recognition or resentment and assumed as such a “pseudo-identity”. We are living our lives through conditionments, habits, doubt, pain, fear and hurt, precarious weighing our behaviour and are trapped in personalities which have lost all childish spontaneity, authenticity and sense of who you really are. A free human ‘being’. Hosted by Wes Terriere After a lifetime searching and battling in social, cultural, political and societal structures in order to find myself, I finally gave up both, the search and the will to live. What followed was a deep inner transformation that showed me I was in fact not giving up on life but on all the unconscious patterns and identifications with thoughts and experiences I assumed as my reality. This process served as a catalyst. It changed my consciousness radically and establisht the contact with my inner self, an inner peace and silence, indefinable for words but full of energy, vitality and happiness. I found my true self and freedom. Participation: 50 pesos